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WWE is not promoting Jinder Mahal’s ‘Mr. Miyagi’ promo

You’ve probably heard wrestling fans discussing and debating the Jinder Mahal promo on Shinsuke Nakamura from SmackDown last night (Sept. 19).

Maybe you missed the show and want to check it out for yourself. You want to watch Mahal and The Singh Brothers laugh at pictures of the #1 contender and make jokes about Japanese food stereotypes so you can decide if they were a way to get fans invested in seeing him get his butt kick by revealing his character to be just as bigoted as the American fans he’s been mocking throughout his title run. Or, you think you need to hear his mocking use of broken English and references to Pat Morita’s character in The Karate Kid to determine if Jinder went “too far”, as the Oakland crowd chanted during the segment.

If, as Eric Bischoff wrote, “Controversy Creates Cash”, you’d think WWE would have a video on YouTube and their website, with clips and GIFs on Twitter. But unless you DVR-ed the show or have a Hulu subscription, it’s nowhere to be found.

According to PWInsider, the segment was the subject of a lot of conversation backstage. That, and the possibly related fact that attendance was light at Oracle Arena. While it’s not the only factor playing into gates being down for WWE, Mahal as champion doesn’t appear to be helping sell tickets - and a promo that went “too far” was probably a sign some folks in management know that.

There are two more shows before Nakamura faces Jinder for the WWE title at Hell in a Cell, so we’ll see if creative continues to push the envelope, or if they lack of promotion of this segment is a sign they’ll be backing off.

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