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We need to talk about Emma’s new entrance theme

There’s been a rash of... less than great... entrance themes on WWE’s main roster lately.

Sure, we get to scream “BURN IT DOWN” when Seth Rollins appears now, but most of the new additions range from forgettable at best to headache-inducing at worst.

Perhaps the most disappointing example came on last Monday’s Raw. We can, and probably will, debate Emma’s new gimmick as the most annoying person on the internet. The Australian Superstar’s career is a case study in frustration.

But I haven’t met anyone who ever said, “You know what the problem is? her music.”

How can you go from this:

To this?

It even ruins her entrance routine!

I suppose it fits with the “worked burial” theme they seem to be going with when it comes to Emma, but... this one hurts more than bad music for Big Cass, Baron Corbin or Jason Jordan.

Even the company’s in-house composers, CFO$, want to make sure their name isn’t attached to this one:

(And if you’re wondering - the duo behind CFO$, John Alicastro and Michael Lauri, confirmed they did write Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin’s theme from the Aug. 29 SmackDown)

Really, it doesn’t matter who’s to blame. I don’t think I’ll get over this one.

Will Emma? You tell us, Cagesiders.

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