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Chris Jericho: It ‘doesn’t matter’ if Enzo Amore is a good wrestler, it’s Neville’s job to make him look like one

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As much as we might miss having Chris Jericho performing in WWE right now, it’s always great when he’s on the circuit promoting one of his many other projects, because it means we get to hear his thoughts on the business.

During his visit to Busted Open Radio earlier this week, the No Is a Four-Letter Word author weighed in on a guy who’s been the topic of a lot of debate and innuendo over the past few months - Enzo Amore.

It’s not the first time Amore’s come up there, either. During a visit to the show back in May, Y2J told Busted Open host Dave LaGreca how to get people to watch 205 Live:

“I think if you put Enzo Amore as a Cruiserweight, and put Enzo versus Neville for the title, have Enzo win it, watch people get interested in the Cruiserweight division

And people at home going ‘Argh! Enzo can’t work!’ — It’s not about that. It’s about getting people to care about the title. Put Enzo in there, have him win it and watch people start to get involved in 205 Live. Then Neville has someone to work with. He doesn’t have a babyface to work with. He really doesn’t, that’s really, super genuinely over with the crowd. That would help.”

On Aug. 22, of course, Amore showed up on 205 Live. So Chris Jericho did invent everything.

Back to Y2J’s most recent visit to the Sirius XM talk show, the former WCW cruiserweight revealed some advice he gave the division’s long-reigning champion about the move:

“I told Neville this months ago, I said, 'There's gonna come a time when you're gonna have to make him look good, that's the job of guys like you and me. It doesn't matter if he's good. That's not his responsibility, that's yours now.'

Neville's gonna have to do anything he can to make that match work the same way that all the great workers in time do that.”

Regardless, or maybe even because, of persistent rumors of “backstage heat”, Enzo’s arrival on 205 Live has created a buzz. And if there’s anyone who’s up to the task of getting good matches out of a sub-par worker, it’s a man Jericho’s former best friend Kevin Owens calls “one of the absolute best wrestlers on the planet”.

So when everyone is tuning in to see Amore vs. Neville on Tuesday nights, remember to thank Jericho.

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