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Matt Hardy and Goldust are trying to book an inter-promotional tag triple threat for WWE Starrcade

The kerfuffle started when Cody and Brandi Rhodes tweeted their issues with WWE using the Starrcade name without crediting Dusty Rhodes hasn’t died down, but it sure has gone in some interesting directions.

After Michael Hayes agreed with Cody that his half-brother Dustin, aka Goldust, should be wrestling, he also offered the younger Rhodes a spot on the card (catch up on the saga here). Goldy loved the idea, and followed in his old man’s footsteps by doing some booking of his own:

Matt Hardy is in:

And Dustin already has the promotional materials ready!

But The Broken/Woken One decided that if two sets of brothers are good, three would be DELIGHTFUL! While he’s at it, he’s ready to turn Starrcade into Total Nonstop Deletion II...

The only problem with this bit of internet fun is the fantasy booking might end up better than the real show.

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