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Bayley returns on Raw in San Jose

When Madusa asked her just a week ago how recovery from her shoulder injury is coming along, Bayley said she was just getting around to doing every day life stuff and wasn’t even able to lift weights. She was either working us, or has John Cena level healing powers.

The Hugger returned on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in her hometown of San Jose, ganging up with Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks to attack Nia Jax, then ganging up with Banks to attack Bliss. They made a dramatic show of Sasha raising her arm and Michael Cole made sure to note she’s back and just fine.

Curiously, Emma was nowhere to be seen. It was as though WWE completely forgot she is, in fact, in the Fatal 4-Way match for the Raw women’s championship this Sunday night at No Mercy.


Bayley is back!


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