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Brie Bella training video blocked because it showed Daniel Bryan taking bumps

The saga of Daniel Bryan’s desire to return to in-ring performing, with wife Brie Bella’s blessing, despite the concerns of WWE’s medical and public relations teams continues.

Bryan has discussed and even teased returning to wrestling when his current contract is up, and Brie not long ago revealed her husband has found a treatment method they believe addresses the concussion damage which led to WWE refusing to clear the Grand Slam champion and asking him to retire.

At this point, it doesn’t appear the company has evaluated DB for a comeback, or isn’t signing off on the results of Bryan’s Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). In a recent streaming question and answer session, Brie was answering a fan who wanted to know how her comeback is progressing. Bella revealed she recorded a video to share with subscribers to her and sister Nikki’s YouTube channel, but...

Brie: "I actually did do some and they weren't allowed to be shown.

Bryan: “Oh... yeah. Because she drop kicked me off the second rope.”

Brie: "I did what everyone asked, I did it for 800,000 (followers), and it wasn't allowed to be aired."

Bryan: “Yeah. Because they’re not allowed to show me doing anything wrestling-wise.”

The good news is, sounds like Brie is on schedule for a return to WWE in 2018.

Is Bryan going to return to the ring around the same time, but maybe for some other promotion?

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