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John Cena is either missing Raw this week or he’s a madman

WWE asks a lot of its roster of talent, mostly related to the insane travel schedule. One man who has gone above and beyond for the past decade is John Cena.

Here he is talking about the WWE show in China last night that he was supposed to miss but made sure he didn’t:

"I am so looking forward to this event and I have literally spent more time in a plane than I will on the ground. I was initially supposed to miss this event and I literally bent time to be here. This is taking priority above a lot of things, including me being in the air the entire day on Monday. So you guys can do the math and see how important this is."

It’s a long flight to get from China to San Jose, where Monday Night Raw is scheduled tomorrow night. It’s at least possible he could make it but he’s not currently advertised for the show. While it’s true it’s the go home episode to the No Mercy pay-per-view, where he will wrestle Roman Reigns, there’s no reason “The Big Dog” can’t do the heavy lifting for this week while Cena makes his way back stateside.

But it’s Cena, so don’t be at all surprised if he shows up anyway.

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