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Forget clowns - WWE has the most horrifying Halloween costumes on the market

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It’s Fall, so that means back to school, football and (since we start getting ready for all holidays at least two months before they arrive) Halloween.

WWE doesn’t want to miss out on merchandise sales for parents outfitting their trick ‘r treaters, or adults planning their costume party outfits, so they’ve rolled out this year’s models.

And for some reason, I’m pretty sure these are going to haunt my dreams...

WWE Shop
WWE Shop

Is it because they’re smaller, yet still muscled, versions of real larger humans? Is it the expressionless faces with dead eyes?

I don’t know, but even on a page of items which includes Sting’s Crow face and just the teeth part of Finn Bálor’s Demon visage, the mask I expect to see in a slasher flick or on police footage of some home invasion is this one:

WWE Shop

Maybe, hopefully, it’s just me. The Sasha Banks one looks cute for kids, and the Kalisto get-up for the grown-ups is actually really slick.

But I’m worried about a few sleepless nights in my future now that I have images of the Littlest Big Dog and the Soulless Face That Runs The Place in my mind.

Check out all of WWE Shop’s costumes - if you dare - right here.

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