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Triple H thanks NXT fans for coming to taping after Hurricane Irma

NXT was forced to delay its TV taping by a day due to Hurricane Irma hitting Florida this past weekend. The recovery effort will be a long and arduous task and entertainment will be needed along the way. That was more or less the message Triple H delivered before today’s taping:

"Before we get started tonight I wanted to come out here for something important. It's been a rough week around here, I guess, right? So I just wanted to come out here to say thank you. Thank you to all of you for being here tonight. We come in here all the time and this is like our home too now. The thing is when we come here all of you you never let us down, so we sure as hell were gonna come here tonight and put on a show for all of you. The great thing about weeks like this is people come together. Because whether it's here or down south it doesn't matter, this is all Florida. You all come together as a group and this is our home too. Because just like all of you we're the same way. We believe in one thing: We are NXT. Thank you guys, have a hell of a time tonight."

You can find full spoilers from the tapings here.

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