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Daniel Bryan gives The Bullet Club permission to use ‘YES’

The Young Bucks have run afoul of WWE legal a few times in their careers.

From some posturing around the “Too Sweet” hand gestures the Bullet Club stable they’re a part of in New Japan and Ring of Honor borrowed from The Kliq, to actual cease-and-desist letters reportedly being sent by Vince McMahon’s company to Matt and Nick Jackson over the D-X “Suck It” crotch chop, the popular tag team have plenty of beef with the ‘E beyond their Twitter feud with The Revival (#FTR).

Which is why they decided to reach out before working another gesture/chant/taunt made famous by someone in the ‘E into their act and ask permission.

During a recent Q & A that totally wasn’t sponsored by Tout, Matt asked SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan about the chant that started a movement:

DB told The Bucks to go for it, although he won’t be able to do it like they’re planning to, as he’s not that dexterous:

Makes sense, as even The Miz uses it, and Bryan hates that guy. And I’m sure he ran all this by Vince when he saw him in Vegas earlier this week. Hopefully before his forehead started bleeding.

Not sure I’m ready to see Hulk Hogan “YES”-ing his way to down the ramp at Tokyo Dome next Jan. 4, though.

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