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Details of WWE 2K18 MyCareer mode revealed

With the playable roster revealed, or most of it... before DLC and other announcements, WWE and 2K need some way to fill the Wednesdays between now and the Oct. 17 (or 13, for those purchasing special editions) shipping date.

Today, it’s a blog post breaking down information about 2K18’s MyCareer mode.

Traditionally, MyCareer has been something which sounds better in concept than it turns out being in execution, and the developers seem to be trying to address that. How?

First, “unique and compelling storylines that are no longer shared from Universe Mode so the journeys that MyPLAYERs go through are unique and fresh”. You’re still working toward a WrestleMania moment (although you can continue to play past that), and they’re giving you two approaches to that goal. They basically boil down to “heel” or “face”:

1. Company Man – Going down the Company Man path means you’re all about helping the general managers (GMs) get what they want out of the roster on any given show. This involves conspiring with the GMs backstage, ambushing other WWE Superstars in the locker room or during their interviews and basically doing whatever it takes to maintain that GM’s power, both in the ring and backstage. The rewards are hefty, though! Continue helping the GM succeed, and you’ll gain access to awesome upgrades, such as the ability to orchestrate a run-in to help you win a match. You can also access Vince McMahon’s office to lobby for match card changes and title rematches.

2. Fan Favorite – Being a Fan Favorite means you don’t play the whole company game and you’re all about putting on the best matches and promos. You have a locker room full of WWE Superstars and Legends backstage. This route involves earning their respect by taking on different match types – night-in and night-out. You’ll also have WWE Superstars test your in-ring aptitude and skills on the microphone, but if you succeed at this, you will earn the whole locker room’s respect – and with that comes some perks. WWE Legends are always backstage during events. If you earn their respect, they’ll start to give you in-ring bonuses for your matches and promos. If you become the complete package – the guy who can walk the walk and talk the talk like Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena – you’ll be able to have your own customized WWE Championship or Universal Championship. This honor is only given to the best of the best.

2K’s also added a free-roaming backstage with more characters with whom to interact. Those interactions will be done through talking (or ambushing) them backstage, as opposed to menu choices. Some will provide side-quests which aren’t crucial to your overall goal.

A backstage exchange could lead to a mic duel, and there the game is promising updated promos, where Superstars will “feel more like themselves”. The scoring systems has also been changed. You’ll now be graded on “promo cohesion” as opposed to having the best answer. You’ll also be able to:

“... pick the point you want to make while on the mic. After making that point, you’ll be scored based on how well you stick to that point. You no longer have to worry about if this is what you should say as a crowd favorite or a bad guy. Promo this year is about saying what you want to say and sticking to your word.”

The ability to add friend’s MyPlayers to MyCareer save remains, with the addition of being able to interact with those characters in the backstage area to set up tags and matches.

How does all that sound to you, gamers?

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