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Vince McMahon refuses medical attention after being busted open by Kevin Owens on SmackDown

This is just a storyline update, which is good. Because when a 72 year old man gets headbutted hard enough it causes his forehead to bleed, he should probably get that checked out.

And we haven’t even addressed the Frog Splash which had the Mr. McMahon character saying his ribs were broken as the Sept. 12 SmackDown in Las Vegas went off the air.

According to, the Chairman’s condition following the show-closing attack of Kevin Owens is unknown because Vince “did not give comment and refused to be looked at by medical staff.”

This was a riveting scene, and the latest example of just how dedicated McMahon is to his business and craft. It definitely made KO a proper villain after the last months (some would say year) of being more of a charming-if-cowardly cad, and turned his upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) match against Shane McMahon into a Hell in a Cell-worthy affair.

But considering of the last images many fans had of a man bleeding after a skull-on-skull attack resulted in New Japan’s Katsuyori Shibata needing surgery and the likely end of his wrestling career - go get checked out, Vince.

WWE is promising further updates, and we’ll bring those to you as we get them.

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