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The New Day win SmackDown tag team titles from The Usos in Sin City Street Fight

The Usos won the right to determine the stipulation for their latest tag team title defense against The New Day on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Strangely enough, they chose a Street Fight.

Why they would pick a stipulation that made it so all three members of New Day could get legally get involved is anyone’s guess. Then again, Woods has been banged up lately and, sure enough, he started out by simply going backstage as his teammates were making their entrance.

They got the tables out right away and went about having a predictably physical match with a few big spots. Like this:

They didn’t get a lot of time but ultimately Big E and Kofi Kingston didn’t even need Woods to win the titles back.

Xavier hit the ring right after and the squad can go about twerking in Sin City like originally planned.

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