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Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman gave us an all-time great GIF

This one has it all, scripted fight fans!

It’s a GIF so good it deserves a Paul Heyman introduction.

Bask in the glory of a super-sized man that no one should be able to hurl over their shoulder being flung across the ring by another impressive specimen, the first man (some might even call him a Monster Among Men) rising to his feet after taking a move which has flattened many a tough guy, then stepping to the Anomaly who threw him, ruining his celebration by causing him to realize he might be about to get f***ed up.

I would like to see one of those infinite loop versions cut a little sooner so it looks like Brock Lesnar grabs Braun Strowman again as soon as he turns around. But you also need Lesnar’s reaction, so even once someone makes that one, this one will still be perfect.

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