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UpUpDownDown AJ Styles is my favorite AJ Styles

There’s a lot to love about AJ Styles, aka one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. He’s been great for a long time, and his WWE run over the last couple of years has opened the entire’s world to just how, well, phenomenal he is.

But my favorite version of the current United States champion isn’t when he’s in the ring or has a microphone in front of an arena full of fans.

No, it’s when he grabs a controller and plays Madden with Seth Rollins’ on UpUpDownDown(UUDD), the YouTube channel of Austin Creed (aka Xavier Woods).

If you’ll recall, back in June we got the long-awaited finals of this year’s UUDD Madden tournament, pitting the undefeated two-time defending champ Rollins - gamer handle “The Champ” - against Styles - “Prince of Phenomenal”, or just “P.O.P.” for short.

The only thing more epic than the beatdown Seth laid on his challenger was AJ’s meltdown. The whole thing is worth another watch, but if you don’t have 30 minutes, the above trailer does a great job summarizing.

The Prince had SO MANY excuses, Woods and Rollins booked a rematch to address them. Since AJ had issues with the PS4 controls, they play on X-Box. And to further level the playing field, this time it’s Madden ‘18, which neither man had touched before their game.

I won’t spoil it for you until you watch, except to say it’s really competitive...

... and now I will spoil it for you...



Because I get such a HUGE KICK OUT OF Styles being unable to not make excuses about computer penalties even while he’s trying to be gracious.

I’m a Sore Loser AJ Mark 4 Life.

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