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Let’s watch Kairi Sane’s first televised WWE Diving Elbow Drop over and over

We’ve been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to results from episodes 1 - 4 of WWE Network’s Mae Young Classic (MYC) - and specifics which might give away winners and losers (we did offer spoiler-free reactions and match recommendations, though).

But it’s been four whole days and is now covering all 16 first round matches, so...

And, really? While they did what they could to create some suspense by putting her against a name performer in Tessa Blanchard, you didn’t really think Triple H and team were bringing in one of the best wrestlers in the world to lose in round one, did you?

Kairi Sane (née Hojo) is going on to round two, and we’ll be able to see her match against Bianca Belair - and possibly one more, if she wins that - on Monday, Sept. 4 when episodes 5 - 8 drop.

The victory also means one of the best finishers in the world made it’s on-screen WWE debut. Kairi’s been working the house show circuit, so it’s not technically the first time her Diving Elbow Drop’s been done in one of the company’s rings, but...

I’ll shut up now so you can just watch this gorgeous move:


Wrestling Smark Matty on tumblr

Don’t all those rumors they wouldn’t let her do it seem silly now?

BONUS COVERAGE! Don’t sleep on this phenomenal forearm:

Frentique on tumblr

More on Monday!

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