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Simon Gotch dishes on why Enzo Amore has backstage heat

While we here at Cageside Seats may joke about nobody in WWE liking Baron Corbin, the pro wrestling rumor mill keeps churning out stories about how nobody in WWE likes Enzo Amore - for real.

The latest log on the fire is more than just unsourced scuttlebutt, as it comes from a shoot interview Simon Grimm (fka Gotch when he was with WWE) did with RFVideo.

Now, while Grimm is on the record, there are a few grains of salt which could be served with this dish. Namely, the former Vaudevillain’s release from WWE amidst rumors he was unpopular backstage. So factor that in as you read his quotes about Enzo (transcription via Wrestling Inc), which don’t paint a pretty picture of the Smacktalker Skywalker...

“I will say, to his credit, he believes his own bull****. He is 100% confident in himself to his detriment and the detriment of others around him. He’s an example of someone who has no excuse to not know wrestling, but he doesn’t know wrestling.

He broke his own leg trying to counter a wristlock. Yeah, when he was in the wheelchair on NXT TV, that’s how it happened. He broke his own leg trying to counter a wristlock. He blamed it on the canvas being loose.”

As for heat on Grimm during his time in WWE, none of it stemmed from the incident where Enzo was concussed while wrestling he and Aiden English at Payback last year:

“I never knew if there was any [heat]. I think most people know that Enzo was kind of a clod in the ring.”

Somebody call Ron Simmons, cause...

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