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It doesn’t look like Dana Brooke is joining Titus Worldwide any time soon

Last week, it looked like Titus O’Neil might be adding to his stable and branching out into the Raw Women’s division. He even gave Dana Brooke a motivational speech, and an idea for a new gimmick.

That didn’t translate to a win for Dana on this week’s episode, as she took a pin in the second of two qualifying matches to determine who will wrestle for a SummerSlam title shot next Monday. And whether it’s because of that setback, or the fact she hasn’t incorporated the “Country Strong” idea he gave her on July 31, it doesn’t look like Brooke is joining Titus Worldwide any time soon, either.

In fact, her fallout video with O’Neil, Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa is a whole lot less fun this week all the way around. The camaraderie between the three guys is apparent, but their interaction with Dana - down to telling her “bye bye” (in English and Japanese) - comes across as more laughing at than with.

We’ll see how it goes. For now, if you were hoping Titus Worldwide would be growing, you’ll have to settle for the return of Apollo Crews from wherever he was hiding.

Oh, and the miraculous healing of Tozawa’s shoulder is good news, too, I suppose.

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