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Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns re-define the chair shot to the head

“Fight Forever” hasn’t quite reached the so-ubiquitous-it’s-meaningless status of chants like “That Was Awesome” or “You Deserve It”. It still seems to be reserved for guys who have a great story, amazing chemistry or an ability to truly innovate while wrestling each other.

And it’s probably time to add Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman to the list.

For a rivalry that, at first glance, is another big man brawl, these two manage to make each of their showdowns feel fresh. Word of a rematch doesn’t trigger eye rolls, but excitement.

Part of that is because The Big Dog, The Monster Among Men and the producers helping to put together their matches always deliver at least one moment that keeps us talking for days afterwards.

Their Last Man Standing affair on the Aug. 7 Raw had several noteworthy spots, from the now standard one where Braun hurls Reigns from the floor to the ring through the second and third ropes to Roman’s ramp-long sprint into a spear.

But this. This! This is the one you want. From multiple angles even:

How do you get around the safety issues associated with hitting someone in the head with a chair? Use the padded office variety!

Seriously, the most impressive thing here is that Strowman can throw the thing hard enough it doesn’t rotate in the air and risk catching its target with its swivel base, which would hurt a heck of a lot more - and probably bust the recipient open, or worse. (Author’s note: Jump down and read Crzymn’s explanation of Roman’s role in the spot, which I was negligent in not giving its due in my original write-up)

It’s moments like that which make us not even care that their matches never really have a decisive winner, even though someone’s hand is raised at the end. Braun won again last night due to a surprise Coquina Clutch from a man who’ll also be trying to become Universal champ at SummerSlam, Samoa Joe. Maybe there aren’t many complaints because Roman technically losing pleases those most likely to complain, but even Reigns haters want to see what these two will do next.

We’ll find out when they face Joe and Brock Lesnar in a Fatal 4Way at SummerSlam, if not sooner.

In the meantime, watch these GIFs and videos of their latest “HOLY $#!+” moment over again.

“Fight Forever” indeed.

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