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WWE SmackDown Live results (Aug. 8, 2017): Naomi vs. Carmella

WWE SmackDown Live comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Aug. 8, 2017) from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, featuring all the latest build to the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later this month in Brooklyn.

Advertised for tonight: Naomi vs. Carmella in a non-title match, Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton in a non-title grudge match, Lana vs. Charlotte, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the SmackDown live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


I have fallen from grace, and my ashes are scattered, no longer of passion and flesh. My flame is alive, though my wings have been shattered, they lay my body to rest. My spirit is breathing, my senses are pure; like reincarnation, my soul will endure and liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with a recap of John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura from last week, which are still incredible words that I can type. Also included is the aftermath that aired on the WWE Network, with Baron Corbin attacking both Nakamura and Cena.

Enter John Cena. He says he knows some folks are excited and some are upset, but they're all as fired up as he is, and that's what's important. WWE provides us moments that last a lifetime, and that was one of 'em, as SuperCena squared up with the King of Strong Style, and he found out real quick that Shinsuke is afraid of nothing.

And he found out that Nakamura hits hard. Real hard. He was doing his thing, thought he'd punch his ticket to SummerSlam, be 17-time champ, and then it hit him, he lost. No blind referee, no foul play, no Montreal Screwjob, he just lost. So he dusted himself off and shook the hand of the man who earned the right to try and become champion.

And out of respect, he shook his hand back...

Enter Baron Corbin. He's sick and tired of hearing about handshakes and dream matches-- who cares? All he knows is that Cena stuck his nose in his business, and that Money in the Bank contract means he does what he wants, when he wants, and if John wants somebody to respect, it's him, the future, who has no problem making Cena the past.

Cena calls him a skinny fat overrated loudmouth dumpster fire, just like a sign in the crowd says. Corbin holds the briefcase high and reiterates his point as the crowd begins to chant "Dumpster fire!" at him, which Cena says he's sure they, as Canadians, mean that in the best way.

Baron says he doesn't need to beat John Cena and he can take his respect and shove it, because all he needs is the WWE Championship and Cena isn't worth his time.

Enter Daniel Bryan. He doesn't know if Corbin's a dumpster fire or the future, he doesn't have a crystal ball. But what he can tell him is that at SummerSlam, it'll be Baron Corbin vs. John Cena!

Commentary hypes up the Randy Orton vs. Jinder Mahal grudge match and Shane McMahon laying down the law ahead of his guest referee spot in the US title match at SummerSlam. The Usos are shown walking backstage, they have a match after the break.

Back from commercial, the Usos make their entrance, followed by their opponents.

Sami Zayn & Tye Dillinger vs. the Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso)

Tye and Jimmy starting, Dillinger in hot, taking Uso in the corner for mounted punches and tagging Zayn in but Jey makes the save and keeps his brother away from the Helluva Kick as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jimmy is in control of Zayn but the underdog ducks a body avalanche and crawls for the tag... Jey makes the tag and cuts him off momentarily but Sami ducks a lariat and tags in! Forearm, lariat, another lariat, stomp to the face, just a house afire! Boots in the corner, thinking about a dive but Jey cuts him off with a forearm... SAMI ZAYN TOPE CON GIRO!

Tye fired up, Zayn tosses Jey back in, Dillinger with a spinebuster... only a nearfall! Jimmy hits a superkick to wipe Sami out on the outside, the Perfect Ten climbs but Jey cuts him off, Jimmy with a blind tag, Tye fights them off, catches Jey for the Tye Breaker but Jimmy cuts him off with a superkick!

Kick to the back of the knee, he hooks the arm...

The Usos win by submission with a Tequila Sunrise from Jimmy Uso on Tye Dillinger.

The Usos get on the mic and ask where New Day are at before proclaiming (with hip swivels) that they're going to be the new tag team champ--

Big E does the deal! He comes out alone... KOFI KINGSTON AND XAVIER WOODS BLINDSIDE THE USOS! They put Jey into the ringpost and put boots to Jimmy! Woods brings some chairs into it, thinking Midnight Hour on the chair but Jey makes the save!

Commentary hypes up Orton/Mahal again and promises an exclusive interview with Shinsuke Nakamura later. Up next, Fashion Peaks, after the break.

Back from commercial, Randy Orton is interviewed.

He says last week Rusev was in the wrong place at the wrong time, running his mouth about how he's not scared of anybody, so Orton wanted to give him something to be afraid of. As far as his match against Jinder Mahal tonight, Jinder has done everything in his power to escape with the title, and did so, but tonight, with no Singh Brothers, Mahal just won't get away, period.

Fashion Peaks begins. Tyler Breeze is picking away at a typewriter and talking to the Ascension about the weird dream he had last week with them in it. He describes it and they say it sounds about right. Viktor picks up a pie and walks off, because they just came here for the free pie.

Breeze asks a mirror where Fandango is three times and he appears behind him, tie tied around his head wild party man style. Tyler offers him coffee and he spits it out, saying it's good and he was abducted by aliens. He could have escaped at any time but he didn't because of anal probes. Er, wardrobes. And they gave him the ability to see into the future.

He says the next person to walk in that door destroyed Tully the Horse... IT'S ARN ANDERSON! He wants to know how to get to catering and they ask him if he destroyed Tully. They're damn right he did! They shoulda named him Arn, everybody knows he was the hoss of that group! He takes two donuts and walks off.

Charlotte Flair makes her entrance, her match against Lana will be after the break.

Back from commercial in time for Lana's entrance and a replay of a fallout video with Lana telling Tamina how much she looks up to her.

Charlotte Flair vs. Lana

Circling, Lana gets a waistlock but Charlotte just chucks her away and declares that it's her ring. Flair catches a boot, Lana goes from begging to swinging, Charlotte shoves her away, ducks a lariat, drop toehold, big chops, hoisting her over her shoulder, Lana floats over, thinking sunset flip but Flair reverses and tosses her in the corner.

Lana mad, she sidesteps a boot, blocks a hip toss, turns it into a backslide attempt but Charlotte's strength is too much for her and she gets a two count off a backslide of her own and does the family strut. Lana fires off a slap, Flair runs her over with a big boot, applies the figure four leglock, bridges up...

Charlotte Flair wins by submission with the Figure Eight Leglock.

Commentary hypes up Carmella vs. Naomi and we see Shane McMahon walking backstage for his segment, which will be after the break.

Back from commercial, Shane McMahon makes his entrance.

He gets in the ring and on the mic, asking Toronto what's up and thanking them for chanting for him. Last week the United States Championship match ended in controversy, and Daniel Bryan used his power as general manager to make him special guest referee. He introduces Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, who make their entrances. (And I see you, fellow with the Smash Wrestling sign. Represent them indies!)

Owens and Styles jaw at each other and McMahon maintains the peace before beginning. He starts with KO, mentioning his apprehension at Shane being guest referee. Er, well, screaming in his face about it, apprehension, same deal. Owens says he's right, he did, but that was in the heat of the moment (telling you what your heart meant) and right now he wants to apologize for that.

He's been thinking and he's not worried about McMahon screwing him over, because it's not like it'd be the first time a McMahon screwed a legendary Canadian over for a title. Of course, Bret deserved it, but KO doesn't and frankly it'd be terrible PR if it happened again so he's not worried about it.

But he is worried about AJ, and hear him out-- how can Shane be unbiased to someone who put his head through a car window just a few months ago? Styles says he'll be the first one to admit, he wasn't happy when Daniel Bryan made him guest referee, but officiating hasn't been great anyway, so good luck with that.

AJ turns to Owens and asks if he thinks they're all stupid, coming out here and stirring the pot, but it's not working. Besides, if Shane McMahon screws him, he'll have to face the repercussions just like he did at WrestleMania. Don't take offense, he doesn't trust anybody, let alone a McMahon. Shane thinks AJ is confusing him with other family members, and he doesn't operate like that.

Owens buts in, bringing up that it's not the first time Shane has been a special guest referee, and he cues footage up from Survivor Series in 1998, with Shane running down to count the three for Stone Cold Steve Austin on Mankind and stopping short to flip the bird. Offensive gesture notwithstanding, it's amazing what you can find on the WWE Network, just go out and search, you can find hours and hours of footage of McMahon screwing wrestlers over as a referee!

Shane asks if they're done and says he wants to make something very clear-- he and Owens don't get along, and he and AJ have history, but hear him out. None of that matters, he's gonna call the match right down the middle and he won't get involved unless he has to, so don't give him a reason to get involved.

Styles says they should make it easy for everyone. Truth was Owens didn't get pinned last week, so why not get rid of Shane, don't wait until SummerSlam, and do it right here, right now (Van Halen is kicking ass in America?) for the United States Championship? KO says that sounds great, but to be completely honest, he'd rather win the United States Championship in the US, in a city that actually matters.

AJ fires back, saying what matters is that this is as close as he's getting to the title. Owens shoves him, Shane tries to keep the pace, Styles accidentally nails McMahon with a Pele kick! AJ holds the title high as Kev walks back up the ramp, smug at spreading a little chaos.

Commentary shills for the WWE Network before hyping up Mahal/Orton once again, but up next, Carmella vs. Naomi is after the break.

Back from commercial we get a little hype for 205 Live tonight, featuring Rich Swann vs. TJ Perkins TJP.

Lana is shown in the locker room and Tamina rolls up to gloat, mocking her for wanting to be a more charismatic version of her and stumbling over her words. She asks what happened and Lana admits she failed and asks her to go. Tamina says the point is she'll never wrestle like her, and Lana says Tamina will never be as ravishing as she is.

Snuka fires back and says it wasn't her wrestling acumen that got her three straight title shots, it was her ambition, and now she's gonna help her get hers.

Carmella vs. Naomi

Circling, collar and elbow, Carmella gets an elbow and in and jaws at Naomi, throwing a few disdainful slaps for good measure. An enzuigiri in return, that sweet sliding slap to the face, and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Carmella has a reverse chinlock in but Naomi escapes, so she hits a mat slam for a nearfall, keeping the champ locked down and going right back the reverse chinlock. Naomi fights out and into a backbreaker as Natalya watches on a monitor backstage. Wicked roundhouse out of the corner, off the ropes, corkscrew back elbows, somersault lariat into the Speedball kicks but Carmella throws her off.

Jawbreaker keeps Naomi in control, up and over to the apron, flash roundhouse kick lays the Princess of Staten Island out and the champion climbs. Carmella cuts her off, struggle in the corner, Naomi shoves her down and fights off a handspring headscissors. Carmella pulling the hair, referee Danilo Anfibio admonishes her and James Ellsworth shoves Naomi down! Carmella is ready...

Carmella wins by pinfall with a superkick.

Ellsworth celebrates in the ring with his friend who is a girl all the way up the ramp as Naomi makes her way back to her feet.

Commentary informs us that the Shinsuke Nakamura interview is next, after the break.

Back from commercial, Carmella and James Ellsworth are walking backstage when they run into Natalya. She says it's good to see her and her chinless turtle friend is already sticking his neck where it doesn't belong. She warns them to keep out of her business at SummerSlam, because that's her night to shine, and if she sees them floating around, she's gonna give Carmella a chin to match Jimmy.

Carmella doesn't know what she's worried about and Ellsworth wishes Nattie luck, saying they really, REALLY want her to win.

Shinsuke Nakamura's interview is up now. He says that John Cena has been the measuring stick for the last decade, he's the guy-- but he beat him. He can't describe what it was like to stand in the ring with Cena. As far as wrestling Jinder Mahal goes, it's more than an opportunity, it's his destiny. Last week he beat John Cena, this week he watches the Maharaja, and at SummerSlam, he wins the title and the Nakamura dynasty begins.

Jinder Mahal makes his entrance, our main event will begin after the break.

Back from commercial in time for Randy Orton's entrance.

Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton

Circling, right in trading punches, and the Viper pulls ahead but the Maharaja is right in there in return. Randy laying punch after punch on Jinder's forehead, off the ropes with the Lou Thesz Press into mounted punches and Mahal bails outside. Orton follows and puts him into the barricade a few times, including the back suplex.

He tosses Jinder back in but the champion runs right back outside, so Orton catches him with a lariat and then the back suplex into the announce table! The Viper disassembles the table as Mahal rolls back in the ring to recover. Randy back in and Jinder's right on him, putting the boots to him.

Orton ducks a lariat and sends Mahal outside, throwing him over the announce table! Smashing his face into the desk, drawing him up for the RKO but Jinder shoves him off the table and Randy takes the timekeeper's barricade hard into his midsection as we go to break.

Back from commercial, Jinder is throwing repeated knee drops to Randy's neck. Knees to the back follow and the champ grabs a rear chinlock but Orton fights to one knee and then his feet, escaping with a body blow and a headbutt. To the corner, whip reversed but the Viper sidesteps a charge and Mahal takes the ringpost hard!

Randy with a kick, snapping Jinder's neck over the ropes, climbing, drawing him up, he hits the superplex! Throwing punches, he has Mahal staggered, a pair of lariats follow, scoop into a fallaway slam sets up mounted punches in the corner but Jinder slips away and picks the leg. Orton right back in it, snap scoop powerslam gets a nearfall!

Kick to the collarbone, drawing Mahal up for an uppercut, whip reversal reversed, and Jinder gets a jumping knee strike off... NO GOOD! The Maharaja lies in wait but the Viper fights the clutch off with elbows and passes him to the apron for the rope-hung DDT! Going to that special place but Mahal blocks the RKO into a schoolboy for two!

A superkick follows! Jinder is fired up, he has the cobra clutch but Randy pops up...

Randy Orton wins by pinfall with the RKO.

Orton's on the ramp getting ready to close the show... RUSEV BLINDSIDES HIM WITH THE THRUST KICK!


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