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Scott Dawson reportedly injured; SummerSlam match with Hardys in jeopardy

The Top Guys may be snakebitten.

It’s only been a few weeks since Dash Wilder returned from a broken jaw he suffered shortly after former two-time NXT tag champs The Revival were brought up to Raw. Now, Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Scott Dawson has a bicep injury that may require surgery.

Dawson was spotted with his right arm heavily taped on this weekend’s house show circuit...

... but it’s worth noting The Revival wrestled as recently as yesterday (Aug. 6) in London, Ontario.

WWE clearly has plans for the duo. Wilder’s injury happened during an introductory program with The New Day, and they’ve recently been working with The Hardys at a time Matt & Jeff may be rolling out the WWE version of their “Broken” gimmick.

No word yet on whether those latter plans are on hold. Sheet notes that if it’s a partial bicep tear that could be rehabilitated without surgery, Dawson’s recovery timeframe should be 3 - 6 weeks, which probably but doesn’t definitely rule out a rumored SummerSlam match with the Hardyz, since we don’t know when the injury occurred.

If he needs an operation, he’s looking at 4 - 6 months on the shelf.

Stay tuned, Cagesiders.

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