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We can eliminate John Cena as a Fashion Files suspect

As much as Breezango want to find out who keeps trashing their offices at arenas around the world, since receiving a horrific delivery during “The Fashion X-Files” on July 18, they’ve been trying to find out what happened to Fandango’s beloved toy horse, Tully, too.

We first met the loyal steed on “Runway Walkers: Fashion Rangers” during SmackDown’s trip to San Antonio in July (what? I take Fashion Police continuity very seriously!), and since he became a Se7en-like head in a box, Tully’s murder is an open case on the PoPo’s famous corkboard.

It probably wasn’t John Doe, since Kevin Spacey isn’t as spry as he once was (and is busy with House of Cards, anyway), so whodunit?

Maybe Breeze found out during his vision quest to The Red Room in “Fashion Peaks”. But I think I’ve discovered another name they can cross off their list.

It’s clearly not noted toy horse lover John Cena. I present defense exhibit ‘H’ as evidence of the free agent’s innocence:

The truth is still out there.

As is more footage of Cena playing “Country Throwdown” while hosting Today this morning (Aug. 7), if you’re into that sort of thing.

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