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WWE Raw preview (Aug. 7, 2017): Broken and Woken

WWE continues what’s been an eventful trip North of the U.S. border when they visit Toronto for Raw.

The Headliner

We’re less than two weeks away from when they’ll both participate in the Fatal 4Way where Brock Lesnar's Universal title will be on the line, but Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman aren’t finished with each other yet. They’ll compete in a Last Man Standing match tonight.


Not that it won’t be fun. The Big Dog and The Monster Among Men have delivered some classic slobberknockers during their long rivalry, including last month in their Ambulance Match at Great Balls of Fire. They’ve got great chemistry, and their brand of scripted violence doesn’t get dull.

But, why now?

Strowman won their last encounter by putting his rival in the ambulance, then Reigns got his heat back by trying to kill Braun with said vehicle. Since the former Wyatt’s return, he’s wrecked Roman and the other man competing in Aug. 20’s main event, Samoa Joe, but then lost a Triple Threat the next Monday - albeit without taking the pin. Things seem about as even as they can be between the two mortal enemies, and SummerSlam would be an appropriate place to decide who the better man is (at least, in WWE’s neverending story, for now).

Watching these two try to beat one another so badly they can’t reach their feet by a count of ten has to please Joe and Brock, both of whom are scheduled to be in the building tonight. Or maybe the get involved to try and maximize the damage?

We should probably stop worrying about the “why?” and focus on the “F*** YEAH!”

The title scene

The Last Man Standing match could lead to an injury which might affect SummerSlam. Women's champion Alexa Bliss’ planned defense against Bayley may already be so affected. The champion’s ally Nia Jax lost a match against the Hugster last week, but inflicting a lot of damage in the process - specifically to Bayley’s shoulder. Details of how badly are expected sometime on Monday. Speculation on what this means for Jax and Sasha Banks chances of getting into the title match in Brooklyn is already in full swing.

When he wasn’t running down Corey Graves’ hometown, Intercontinental champ The Miz was in full talk show host mode last week, trying to get some answers about Jason Jordan’s plans now that he works for his father, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. The Gold-Blooded Superstar was okay with that, until Miz dissed his dad, and we may have Jordan’s first big singles feud on our hands.

Tag titleholders Cesaro and Sheamus returned to our screens, and wasted no time inserting themselves into the drama that’s developed between former Shield brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe came to Rollins’ aid when he was the focus of a two-on-one assault by The Bar, but seeing as he thinks Seth orchestrated it to force his hand, it didn’t really signal the relationship breakthrough a lot of fans were hoping for. Does it signal a championship opportunity for Ambrollins on Aug. 20, though?

On 205 Live, Cruiserweight champ Neville learned he’ll have to defend his crown against Akira Tozawa on a second straight pay-per-view (PPV). But does The King have anything to worry about when the Titus Worldwide client continues to damage his own injured shoulder in matches his manager warns him against?

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

-’s official preview for this episode of Raw is the latest outlet teasing an AWAKENING from Matt & Jeff Hardy. Owl Men be damned, the brothers were acting in a very familiar manner after beating Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, and dispatching The Revival, last week. A DELIGHTFUL legal manuever may be developing during this program... hopefully it leads to good wrestling stories.

- The Eater of Worlds talked his $#!+ to Finn Bálor last week. It didn’t summon The Demon (yet), but it did bring out a badass in a leather jacket who kicked his butt into the crowd. We’re officially on the lookout for Bray Wyatt’s next move now. Hopefully it will involve bug holograms.

- Big Cass looked to have finished off Big Show, but Enzo Amore got involved and triggered the disqualification, so that changing of the guard will have to wait for a time when Show doesn’t knock Cass out cold to close the show.

- Singing tunes and fighting dudes you forgot were on the roster... that’s Elias’ game.

Two weeks until SummerSlam!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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