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Social Slam: Brie Bella comeback, Wendy’s on #FTR, BRAUN

The wrestling world certainly keeps a fan busy. Whether it’s speculating on rumors, pounding out FanPosts on your thoughts about what’s going on in WWE, catching up on your local indies, engaging in back-and-forth with commenters on your favorite wrestling site (hi!), dream booking your favorite wrestler. or trying to figure out if the latest 205 Live is worth a watch — it’s crazy. And it’s a lot. When the numerous colorful personalities that make up this wrestling world we’re all attached to collide with the freedom and craziness of the Internet, it’s fun but it can be hard to keep up.

In this new feature, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite posts that hit social media with the aim of keeping you updated or just bringing a smile to your face.

Oh snap!

I want this match in 2017!

You knew this was the next eventual step, right? —>

Swoon AF.

Just wanted to let the world know how much I love this woman. 17 years!!! Happy anniversary babe.

A post shared by AJ Styles (@ajstylesp1) on

I watched this for like 10 times not realizing when it began and when it ended. Hint: it’s like 10 seconds.

ペリカン飛行隊 #goprojp

A post shared by Shinsuke Nakamura (@shinsukenakamura) on

Ugh Birdie Bee HURRY UP.

Best video.

And finally, no other way to end this but with:

‪Joey Ryan uses his penis to block Mr. Socko and flip Mick Foley at OTT in Dublin, Ireland. ‬

A post shared by Joey Ryan (@joeyryan) on

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