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Ho Ho Lun explains the difficult decision to ask for his WWE release

Confirmation came yesterday (Aug. 4) that Cruiserweight Classic competitor and NXT roster member Ho Ho Lun was gone from WWE, at his own request. There was still speculation about why the Hong Kong wrestler asked to be let out of his contract, however.

The 30 year old Lun spoke to and explained both why he’s leaving and why it was a difficult decision.

Unfortunately, it’s not just to re-focus on his Hong Kong Pro-Wrestling Federation.

“I went to Hong Kong for vacation about three weeks ago and that’s when I realized that my mother is sick. That’s why I decided to tell Matt Bloom, the head coach of the PC, that I wanted to request my release.”

John Clapp’s article explains this was particularly tough timing for Lun, who was excited about wrestling in China when WWE heads to Shenzhen on Sept. 17:

“One of my top goals was to perform in front of WWE Live fans in China. It was a really tough decision because I wanted to perform in my home.”

He also speaks about how proud he is of helping the company’s Chinese recruits acclimate to the business and living as a foreigner in Florida, and his plans to grow the business in China and Southeast Asia.

We didn’t get to see much of him in WWE, but he seems to have played an important role nonetheless - and may continue to as a figure on the scene in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

We’re wishing him the best, especially as it relates to his mother’s illness, and look forward to seeing Ho Ho Lun and the fruits of his labor in the future.

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