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James Ellsworth’s suspension is over, unless it isn’t

James Ellsworth on Twitter

While my boss, and non-”Salty Dogs” everywhere, come to grips with the departure of their Red Queen (and I just wonder how you can now miss someone who hasn’t been on television for a year...), there is good news for SmackDown viewers.

It’s been 30 days since General Manager Daniel Bryan passed sentence on Carmella’s friend-who-is-a-boy James Ellsworth for interfering in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match do-over (triggered by his interfering in the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match) despite being banned from the building. And since that sentence was a 30 day suspension...



Ellsworth pulled a Ryback and tweeted-then-deleted what many thought was a commemoration of his reinstatement date:

It’s obvious what he meant by that midnight message. What does it mean that he removed it? And replaced it with this...

Probably that the suspension is still part of his angle with Carmella and Bryan (and Becky Lynch) and they didn’t want that blown with a social media posting that Cathy Kelley didn’t even want to talk about.

So... INTRIGUE! Let us know if you think Ellsworth shows up next Tuesday below.

If you’re not too bummed about Eva, that is.

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