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Seth Rollins thinks his babyface run has ‘gone well so far’

Seth Rollins turned babyface some time ago but it’s taken some time for the fan base to catch up to that. That might be a credit to his skill at playing a heel but it’s felt like something has been missing, at least until this current storyline with Dean Ambrose.

In an interview with Sporting News, he explained his feelings on his current run:

“I think it's been a nice, organic change in my character. We had an opportunity … I could have been a babyface when I came back but it didn't feel right at the time. Then we had stuff go on with Finn Balor's injury and stuff like that. It felt from a television perspective watching it back and thinking back on it, it felt like a good, slow burn as opposed to all of a sudden I flipped the switch. People will say what they want about it but I think it's gone well so far. I think it's only going to get better as we keep moving forward. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to shed my old skin and try this new thing out. It's something I haven't done on the main roster since I've been up here. I haven't been a good guy since NXT. It's definitely a different change of pace but something I'm looking forward to continuing to develop as we move forward.”

He goes on to say it’s “a new challenge” to be a babyface in pro wrestling in 2017 but also has a firm grasp on what many fans want, namely more sophisticated characters and stories. To that end, he’s involved in one of the best stories WWE is currently telling with his attempted reconciliation with his former Shield stablemate.

It was fun to boo Seth for a long time — he’s slowly but surely making it even more fun to cheer him.

So, yeah, it’s going well!

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