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Report: Enzo Amore could be moved from Monday Night Raw

Remember those rumors of Enzo Amore having heat within WWE over an incident on a bus that led to his getting kicked off and forced to dress outside the locker room? JBL and Corey Graves even seemed to address as much on the most recent episode of Bring It to the Table, saying it’s difficult for a wrestler to recover when the locker room turns against them.

The latest update is that Enzo could be moved away from Monday Night Raw.

That’s according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), where Dave Meltzer reports there have been talks of what to do about him that include moving him away from Raw, with two major options:

  1. He goes back down to NXT and acts as star power for that brand
  2. He moves to 205 Live as a cruiserweight who can draw a great crowd reaction for a show sorely lacking in as much

That said, the Observer also notes he does well in quarter hour ratings, which would seem to indicate moving him off the show is bad idea and booking him to look as bad as he has of late also makes no sense. But this is WWE, and it’s hard to see where Amore fits into the picture on Raw once he finishes up working with Big Cass.

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