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Enzo Amore cheats to get the pin in his first match on 205 Live

The saga of Enzo Amore, Cruiserweight, continued on 205 Live in Little Rock tonight (Aug. 29), and I have to say, they’ve got me intrigued.

If you’re keeping an eye on how he’s being pushed above and beyond guys who’ve been toiling on the show since its inception, well, the No Disqualification match which Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick have been building to for weeks opened the show while the 6-man tag Zo was a part of main evented, so... there’s that.

Setting up the tag, we got segments with both teams. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Noam Dar each took turns running down Amore in the heel interview. A locker room scene with the babyfaces showed Enzo telling Cedric Alexander he was the “player-coach” of their squad despite Alexander trying to tell him they didn’t need his help with strategy.

After his customary entrance promo (this time featuring him calling Gulak “Captain Underpants”), we got the match.

Amore worked a fair amount of it, and got the hot tag at the end. After hitting his new finisher, the Jaw-Done-Zo, again on Dar, he rolled up Nese, but had to put both his feet on the ropes for leverage to keep him down for three.

It’s not clear if Cedric and Metalik saw Enzo’s short cut. They celebrated with him afterwards while Gulak steamed and, watching from a monitor backstage, Neville continued to have the best reactions:

There could be an interesting story here, with Amore out of his element among all these technical wrestlers and accomplished high-fliers, cutting corners to make sure his win/loss record backs up his mouth. They seem to be setting him up for a program with Gulak, who - as our Evolve expert ReverendKain reminded me - is also an excellent trainer. So if he’s willing to learn, this could be a heck of an opportunity for him.

We’ll see how he does (how you doin).

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