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Alexa Bliss wins the Raw Women’s title, then loses a best friend and gains a new challenger

Fitting that on the day WWE released the first episodes from their women’s wrestling tournament series, the Mae Young Classic, Raw ended with a title match between its Women’s champion Sasha Banks and her chief rival Alexa Bliss.

The story of Aug. 28’s main event, aside from how much The Boss and The Goddess dislike each other, was how despite her four championship reigns, Sasha has never successfully defended the belt.

Before a commercial, Banks controlled the action, including flattening Bliss with a knees-first dive off the apron to take it into the break:

When we returned, of course, Bliss was working a rest hold. Replays showed us that dodging a slide allowed Alexa to bounce the champ off the barricade and the apron. Grabbing The Boss by the hair and slamming her back-first down to the mat brought us to the “is Sasha hurt?” portion of the match.

Jokes aside, the action picked up in Bliss’ SummerSlam rematch with the ladies trading stiff strikes and close nearfalls. The end would come after Alexa delivered a superplex to the Boss. She took a while to recover and attempt the pin, and after a kickout, Sasha applied the Bank Statement. But Little Miss Bliss made it to the ropes and held on to them to avert a backstabber, then quickly hit a snap DDT to reclaim the title.

Banks didn’t have much time to reflect on her latest unsuccessful defense, as Nia Jax hit the ring and splashed her right out of it. But Alexa’s celebration was short-lived, as well, since no sooner had her best friend lifted her onto her shoulder for a victory wave than she found herself dropped to the mat.

Looks like friendship is, once again, dead. And Jax vs. Bliss is coming our way soon.

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