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Enzo Amore wins his cruiserweight debut on Raw as WWE uses heat rumors as his character

Couple interesting notes on how WWE is using Enzo Amore after his high-profile weekend in Vegas, and amidst continued rumors of backstage heat for, among other things, bragging about things like his high-profile weekend in Vegas.

First, while it only appeared online, they took time to shoot this video of him weighing in for his cruiserweight debut. In it, he annoys General Manager Kurt Angle by slowly undressing before hitting the scales, listing every piece of expensive clothing he takes off and showing off the fat stack of money he won betting on Floyd Mayweather Saturday night. It ends with Noam Dar telling the other assembled members of the 205 Live roster not to worry about Zo because, no matter the size of the men he’s facing, he can’t win because he can’t wrestle:

Enzo went on to face Dar in his first official match as a cruiserweight. For folks wondering if this was a punishment which would result in Amore jobbing to everyone in his new division, or if he would suddenly start picking up wins after months of being ragdolled by the main roster, well...

Neville would follow that with his customarily great heel promo about how if Enzo was supposed to be a challenger, he’ll be champ forever (how are you doing?).

But it’s worth wondering what the future of the cruiserweights will look like now that the Certified G is there, and winning. And, are the stories about how hated he is backstage a shoot that turned into a work? Does that mean they’re still real (the realest heat in the room)?

Pro wrestling, everybody.

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