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WWE continues to get us ready for Roman Reigns vs. John Cena

The wrestlers themselves have been teasing issues on social media for a while now, but with “Free Agent” John Cena’s arrival on Raw last week (Aug. 21), the tension between he and Roman Reigns ramped up in a hurry.

And if Cena catching an inadvertant Superman punch in the finish of their tag win over The Miz and Samoa Joe, or the subsequent rumor of a match at next month’s No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV), weren’t enough for you, the official preview for this week’s Raw makes it perfectly clear...

Can John Cena and Roman Reigns coexist on the same brand?

John Cena returned to Raw intending to battle Roman Reigns, but instead of going one on one with The Big Dog, the larger-than-life Superstars joined forces to defeat Intercontinental Champion The Miz & Samoa Joe in the night’s tag team main event.

Even though he was The Big Dog’s partner, The Cenation Leader still felt the full impact of the Superman Punch when Reigns’ signature move missed its intended target, Samoa Joe, and instead caught the jaw of the 16-time World Champion.

Will the ramifications of that seemingly inadvertent strike be felt Monday night on Raw?

Many believe a showdown between the two Superstars should wait for WrestleMania, or at least a “Big 4” show like Survivor Series or Royal Rumble. And while it’s possible this is the start of a longer build, it really doesn’t look like they’re gonna wait (and Vince is said to have other plans for Reigns next Spring in New Orleans).

Excited for more Ce-Nation vs. Roman Empire hostilities, Cagesiders?

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