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Roman Reigns hopes for a full Shield reunion in ‘the near future’

Two-thirds of the Hounds of Justice are now Raw tag champs. Could we see the whole gang get back together, with Roman Reigns hooking back up with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to reunite the most dominant faction in WWE history?

While he’s proud of his brothers, Reigns told ESPN earlier this week (video above), he’s got bigger things on his mind right now:

“The main thing for me right now, I’ve been in that Universal title picture. You can ask Seth or Dean, if they were able to be in that same situation, that’s what you go for. You want to have that top title, and that’s definitely it. I’m super proud of those guys, [at SummerSlam] they exemplified what makes the Shield so special. The teamwork and just that brotherhood of just going out there and getting it done – not for yourself, but for the man next to you. It really showed why when we came in, why we were so special.”

But The Big Dog told SportsCenter he’s down for a reunion soon, because of their bond, but also for a very practical reason. You don’t get thrown around as much as part of a unit:

“Hopefully in the near future maybe. Not only to prolong my career maybe - because it does take it out of you running into those meatballs [e.g. Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe] for 30 minutes at a time - but there’s just some kind of magic when the three of us get together and we’re just moving on all cylinders. It always seems to be a great time for the crowd.”

Do you believe that, Cagesiders? More importantly, do you want a full Shield reunion?

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