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Seth Rollins and Rhyno talk beating their meat in bonus Southpaw Regional Wrestling video

Turns out that in addition to the six episodes from the “second tape” of Southpaw Regional Wrestling, WWE has some more footage from 1986 to lay on us.

Not that we don’t enjoy seeing tag champs The Butchers talk about their meat, and the various things Dry Rub Doug and Frantic Frank can do to it. But we’re also interested in finding out if there’s even more from the build to Showdown at the Swamp... are there lost Malibu Al’s spots? More can’t-miss promos from the electrifying John Johnson? Will we ever find out where Dewey was!?!?

Who knows? In the meantime, grab your Butchers’ axe and watch Doug and Frank’s latest warning for Chad and Tex, then rewatch both tape one and two.

I promise it’s time well spent, or my name isn’t Harry Salamander.

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