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Rusev thinks the rumors he asked for his WWE release are hilarious

If Cageside Seats is the only wrestling spot you visit on the web, well, for starters... thanks!

Back to the point - if that’s the case, you might have missed a kerfuffle from the middle of this week where another online outlet said they had confirmation Rusev and Lana asked for their releases from WWE following the Bulgarian George Clooney being booked to lose quickly to Randy Orton at SummerSlam. The story was shot down by the Ravishing Russian and producer Brian “Road Dogg” James, but it hasn’t quite gone away.

That’s partly because Rusev is enjoying working the Twitter-verse over the whole situation... or, there’s really some stuff going down and he’s dealing with it by joking about it online in a way that also gets the internet all worked up.

His tweet on Wednesday - the one which prompted James’ response - is a good example:

He followed that up a day later with this:

Which, while at first glace could be taken as hugging and making up with Mr. McMahon, is actually birthday wishes for the CEO in Rusev’s native Bulgarian (“Happy Birthday, Vince. Stay Well. Another 100!”).

Then, late Friday (Aug. 25), a couple days after the dust settled on the original round of claim and denial, the Handsome One dropped this on us...

...and everyone freaked out all over again.

The lack of any news from the wrestling web’s more reputable sources, or a “future endeavors” notice from WWE itself, makes this seem like a work that worked and nothing more.

Could it be more? Who knows? This is pro wrestling!

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