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Matt Hardy wants you to know he still thinks GFW is full of it

Everything’s been quiet lately in the war between Matt Hardy and Anthem/TNA/Global Force Wrestling (GFW) over the rights to “Broken Brilliance”.

Too quiet.

GFW President Ed Nordholm insists his company owns the gimmick, in toto. Hardy is running around on WWE television basically working as the character, just without saying certain words directly into microphones (or any explanation why).

Most knowledgeable observers say the issue will have to be settled in a lengthy court battle, or given up. So while we’re waiting for news on if either side will ever actually sue the other, The Broken/Awoken One himself sent out this tweet to remind the world he thinks Anthem/GFW are in the wrong:

It’s not the first time the lack of contracts and payment to his son and father-in-law have come up, but the claim there were no papers signed allowing them to be shown on television - as they were repeatedly on Impact while Matt, Jeff and Reby were with TNA - is new.

Does it change anything as long as this battle is only being fought in the court of public opinion and not a court of law?


But now you know. So mission accomplished, I guess.


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