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Anthony Bourdain has signed with Titus Worldwide

Titus O’Neil’s brand is about more than just pro wrestling. Titus Worldwide encompasses all aspects of sports and entertainment.

The man already locked up hip hop artist and rap battle officiant extraordinaire Wale a while back, and with WWE in New York City for SummerSlam and its aftermath, O’Neil signed another versatile celebrity - author, chef, television personality and owner of an “unparalleled” rear naked choke, Anthony Bourdain.

Bourdain, or Tony as friends like Titus call him, is a native New Yorker who rose to fame with his 2000 book Kitchen Confidential. That led to his popular Travel Channel show No Reservations, and his current CNN one Parts Unknown.

It makes for a fun fallout video. Bourdain is game - as a grindhouse movie fan and comic book writer, he’s never shied away from pop culture of all prestige-levels - and O’Neil is engaging as ever.

The best things might be the fact that Titus Worldwide’s press conferences now consist of more than just Charly Caruso or Mike Rome... they’re both there! As is Vic Joseph and a bored looking Tom Phillips. This is probably just because it’s a “Big 4” weekend and all the brands are in one place, but it could be because the TW is blowing up!

They did just sign Tony Bourdain, after all.

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