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Five WWE-sanctioned GIFs you need from SummerSlam 2017

At SummerSlam on Aug. 20, WWE produced several moments which should live on indefinitely as moving image files posted to the internet in reaction to news and opinion. I mean, seeing as it was six hours of sports entertainment, the least you can hope for is a few useful GIFs, right?

The company even got in on this crazy new fad recently, launching its own GIPHY channel. That’s probably bad news for several popular Twitter accounts, but at least you can safely assume the ones posted by WWE won’t disappear unexpected when their copyright lawyers feel frisky.

Anyway, here are five from said GIPHY account which strick me as particularly practical. I’ve omitted ones of Braun doing Braun things and general hossiness from the main event (find those here), and Cesaro grabbing the brass ring by destroying a beach ball (here), since they’ve been covered elsewhere.

Here we go!

For when you’re the trash talking, yet gracious, Sheriff of Cenation...

Because who among us hasn’t wanted to send Miz - or someone else who thinks they’re AWESOME - to the mat, bouncing their head off every turnbuckle on the way down?

When you did it! And that’s all you have to say...

There are a lot which can be used to illustrate dramatically shutting down someone’s bull$#!+ (wrestling is a violent spectacle, after all), but Xavier Woods’ follow through, and Kofi Kingston’s reaction, makes this one really satisfying:

And finally, I think this is one we’ll see often. The internet just needs to be told “no” and waved off sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time:

Use them wisely, Cagesiders.

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