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WWE Raw preview (Aug. 21, 2017): Here’s Johnny

Night three of four for WWE in Brooklyn!

The Headliner

We don’t have to worry about Paul Heyman’s ultimatum, although folks who think Barclays Center spoiled the main event of SummerSlam have some more ammunition for their argument. Brock Lesnar survived everything Braun Strowman threw at (and on) him to retain his Universal championship, pinning Roman Reigns to win a Fatal 4Way which also included Samoa Joe.

Now that we know Heyman and Lesnar aren’t riding off into the sunset, what now? Considering the Monster Among Men specifically targeted the Beast Incarnate and sent Brock to the back, albeit temporarily, on a stretcher, everyone wants to see Lesnar vs. Strowman, but will that happen soon? Or down the road at WrestleMania?

The Big Dog isn’t leaving the main event any time soon, so Roman will remain a factor, but what about the other Samoan? Joe was the forgotten man in the 4Way, and you have to wonder if his immediate hopes for a title reign were dashed when it became clear Brock wasn’t taking time off for a MMA camp.

And then there’s free agent John Cena, who is listed among the “Featured Superstars” for Monday night in New York...

The Raw main event looks like it’ll remain the hottest spot in the business.

The title scene

Hop back on the wheel of Women's champions, as Alexa Bliss’ reign ended in Brooklyn when Sasha Banks defeated her to become a four-time titleholder. The Goddess is not going to be happy about tapping to her hated rival, and with Nia Jax by her side (and seeing as The Boss’ bestie is on the disabled list), who knows? We might see another title change in the not-too-distant future.

With a pre-show win over the Hardyz and Jason Jordan, you’d think Intercontinental titleholder The Miz would take a moment to celebrate. Instead, the A-Lister is still hot he was on the Kickoff in the first place. The target of his anger remains General Manager Kurt Angle, so does that mean he’ll keep feuding with the GM’s son Jordan, or are we building to something else?

The Bar was surpassed on pay-per-view (PPV) last night, and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are now tag team champs. Their road to the top was a rocky one, however, with Rollins betrayal of The Shield still fresh in Ambrose’s - and a lot of fans’ - minds. Can they stay on the same page, especially with Cesaro and Sheamus coming for rematch?

The cavalcade of title changes started on the pre-show, where the Cruiserweight belt was reclaimed by the man who’s held it most of this year.’s official preview for tonight’s show hints at Titus O’Neil getting a quick rematch for his client Akira Tozawa. He got him a title shot last Monday, and Titus Worldwide would definitely like to try for a longer celebration if Tozawa can re-capture the championship, so look for this to happen.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- Finn Bálor summoned The Demon, and sent Eater of Worlds packing with decisive win at SummerSlam. Maybe the first ever Universal champ could get back in that crowded picture? And maybe Bray Wyatt could remind Braun they used to hang out?

- Another guy coming out of The Biggest Party of the Summer with momentum is Big Cass. The seven-footer took advantage of Big Show’s injured hand (damage done by Cass and the mercenary team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) and overcame his former partner Enzo Amore’s creative interference to pick up up a victory. Is he finally moving on, and can he keep getting heat if he’s not beating up Zo?

- She keeps wanting chances, but Emma hasn’t been doing too much with the ones she’s been getting lately.

- Elias got to do not one, but TWO, songs uninterrupted in Brooklyn on Sunday night. That new tour is off to a good start.

- Goldust was supposed to be watching SummerSlam. Did he see a way to start his new Golden Age?

It’s the SummerSlam fallout show!

What will you be looking for on Raw tonight?

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