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WWE SummerSlam 2017 results: Singh Brothers secure another win for Jinder Mahal, this time over Shinsuke Nakamura

An unlikely WWE championship match got a first class build tonight (Aug. 20). Even before the already iconic entrance for challenger Shinsuke Nakamura began, Nak and titleholder Jinder Mahal were the focus of a short documentary-style film chronicling their road to SummerSlam. Violinist Lee England Jr. got the spotlight even, and the proverbial “big fight feel” was achieved.

As announcers from the U.S., India and Japan emphasized the pairs international appeal, Nakamura’s striking and mind games controlled the early action. Eventually, the larger Mahal gained the upper hand, but the educated feet of the King of Strong Style kept Jinder’s time in the driver’s seat at a minimum.

Side-stepping a Kinshasa created another opening for the Modern Day Maharajah, however. Shinsuke avoided the champ’s own finisher, Khallas, and sent Jinder into the ringpost.

But, as they did throughout Mahal’s feud with Randy Orton, the Singh Brothers made the difference. Nakamura dispatched Samir and Sunil with impunity...

...but their presence in the ring didn’t trigger a disqualification, and did allow Jinder to connect with Khallas.

Swagsuke may grab a WWE title someday, but for now, the Maharajah’s reign continues.

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