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WWE SummerSlam 2017 results: Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins reunion has a happy ending - the Raw tag titles

Cesaro and Sheamus entered SummerSlam on Aug. 20 with chips on their shoulders. All of the hype for their Raw tag title match focused on the challengers, reunited Shield brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

In an effort to reclaim the spotlight and establish a psychological edge, the champs requested they enter first at Barclays Center. It didn’t work, at least not at the outset. The energy Ambrose and Rollins showed for their first time tagging together in years carried the early action.

But the power of The Bar caught up to them, and Cesaro and Sheamus isolated Seth after Dean was incapicitated by a Brogue Kick on the floor.

Rollins worked hard to get to the corner, but Ambrose was still recovering. Oh, and by the way, CESARO RAN INTO THE CROWD TO RIP A BEACH BALL IN HALF.

Anyway... the tide started to turn when the Swiss Cyborg landed badly on his knee, and the Lunatic Fringe recovered to take everyone out with a suicide dive.

Seth eventually rolled and dove to make the tag, and the challengers were rolling.

Back and forth we went. The Shield-exs worked in unison, and went back to some familiar spots. The Bar survived, and threw everything they had at the challengers - but Ambrose and Rollins fought on.

Finally, Seth broke up a tandem move from the champs by hurricanrana-ing Cesaro off the top into Sheamus, then superkicking both. The Celtic Warrior bounced into a Dirty Deeds from Ambrose, and a scene many thought we’d never see again played out in the middle of the ring.

Dean Ambrose is a grand slam champ, the brothers have mended fences and you do not want to be defending your belts at SummerSlam.

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