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WWE SummerSlam 2017 results: Sasha Banks submits Alexa Bliss to become a four-time Raw Women’s champ

Sasha Banks only got a chance to reverse her Brooklyn fortunes at the 2017 SummerSlam when her best friend Bayley was injured. So it was fitting the Hugster wished her well as she made her way through the backstage area, en route to the ring at Barclays Center to try and beat Alexa Bliss to become a four-time Raw Women’s champion.

It was a match-up a lot of folks wanted to see, by virtue of Bliss walking out of their last pay-per-view (PPV) match - and the fact these two women legitimately dislike each other.

The venom was on display early. The Boss and The Goddess both checked their mouths for blood after brawling with stiff shots at the start. Then Bliss got the challenger hung up on the ropes and slammed Banks face first to the mat. This was personal, and Alexa’s Five Feet of Fury was on display.

A running knee finally got Sasha back into the contest. Bliss had her own rough meeting with a turnbuckle...

...and The Boss managed to lock in the Banks Statement, but Alexa forced the break by reaching the ropes and rolling out. Then, the champ pulled Banks to the floor. When the challenger crawled back in, she was thrown shoulder first into the announce desk, and it looked like Sasha’d suffered the same injury her friend Bayley had.

Barely beating a ten count, The Boss made it back into the ring - only to be hit by Twisted Bliss. But Sasha was able to kick out at two...

...and when that prompted a temper tantrum from Alexa, she locked in her submission again. Her shoulder kept her from getting the victory on that attempt, but a second one did the trick.

Banks is now a four-time Raw Women’s champion.

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