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WWE SummerSlam 2017 results: Enzo Amore’s baby oil trick isn’t enough to help injured Big Show beat Big Cass

Before getting locked in a shark cage, Enzo Amore did the deal. The Smacktalker Skywalker got as many New York hip hop references as he could in while he recapped his issues with Big Cass, ran down his former tag partner and talked up his new pal Big Show.

Luckily for folks who aren’t enamored of Zo’s gift of gab, Cass cut him off. Or the seven footer’s... distinctive... new entrance theme did anyway.

Amore was put in the cage and lifted above the ring as Show entered, sporting a wrapped right hand - thanks to Cass, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows slamming his big mitt in the door of the cage this past Monday.

Things didn’t start well for the younger big man. Not only did the World’s Largest Athlete work him over, he had to listen to Enzo run his mouth from the cage throughout.

Delivering his offense proved painful for Show, though. He landed on his injured hand several times in the early going, and then couldn’t make the cover following a KO punch delivered with the right.

Eventually, that provided Cass the opening he needed. As Brooklyn booed him, the seven footer went to work.

But so did his former partner.

Zo stripped down to his boxers and pulled some baby oil from his drawers. Lubing himself up, he slipped through the bars. But Cass saw him, and was ready when Amore reached the canvas.

And after he took out Enzo, two big boots and an Empire Elbow kept Show down for good, too.

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