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The Woken Hardys are almost here

This Tweet from Matt Hardy supports the notion that Monday night’s Raw Fallout video was the beginning of a gimmick tweak which would essentially allow The Hardy Boyz to use the “Broken” characters Global Force Wrestling claims to own under a different name.

While we prepare ourselves for the Woken Hardys, there are other questions this raises...

- Was this the plan all along, or did GFW being denied some trademark claims inspire Matt to take this step?

- Seeing as GFW President Ed Nordholm basically dared the Hardys to sue the promotion for the rights, is this their way of calling his bluff? As in, they’re not suing Anthem, but now Anthem is forced to expend resources trying to come after them and prove #WOKE is the same as #BROKEN?

- Is Queen Rebecca coming to Raw?

We haven’t seen any of this on television yet, and seeing as Nordholm and company haven’t sued in response to similar allusions or outright uses of the disputed trademarks on social media in the past, that will be the next big step. But these teases, combined with Matt and Jeff’s Raw program with The Revival, certainly make it look like we’re almost there.


(Doesn’t have the same ring to it, as “DELIGHTFUL!”, does it?)

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