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We still don’t know who trashed Breezango’s office, but Fandango is in The Red Room

When WWE asked us which 1990s show Tyler Breeze and Fandango should tackle next, I was not expecting them to head to Twin Peaks, Washington.

But I’m so very glad they did.

David Lynch’s mash-up of crime drama, soap opera and horror was a hit when it first debuted, but over the course of a second season, a prequel movie and the current revival mini-series, viewership declined as it got weirder and weirder. As a result, the above homage to the cult show which aired on the Aug. 1 SmackDown, “Fashion Peaks”, may have gone over the heads of many in the WWE Universe. Twin Peaks is certainly not the well traveled territory Breezango’s used in parodying Law & Order or even their recent X-Files sketches.

But if you’re at all familiar with Special Agent Dale Cooper’s quest to discover who killed Laura Palmer, and all that that led to, well, this was pretty darn amazing.

Start with the missing Fandango’s high school yearbook head shot in the opening, accompanied by a haunting score, which fades into the Fashion Police’s signature corkboard of suspects/clues, this time referencing Lynch and some of his more famous films, along with characters from the show - and a risque joke about the Bella Twins.

Breeze has Kyle MacLachlan’s campy cadence down pat as he dictates to his assistant Diane in Cooper’s now very outdated manner. Then, like Twin Peaks itself did, things get downright surreal when Fashion Files secret weapon The Ascension shows up as part of the reveal ‘Dango is trapped in the extra-dimensional Black Lodge’s red room, doing his best “Little Mike”, dancing out-of-time and speaking backwards.

Konnor was the log lady, for crying out loud!

As it was for Cooper (at least at first), his trip to the red room was a dream - one that caused Prince Pretty to scream what a lot of folks Lynch has lost over the years probably do, “NO MORE METAPHORS!”

But in the end, his vision provided him with an answer, because he tells Diane he knows who kidnapped his partner. Unless this is another false promise, like the Battleground match which was supposed to reveal who trashed the PoPo’s office.

Who really cares, though? Fashion Files, or whatever it’s called next, keeps getting better and - amazingly for WWE and pro wrestling - smarter. Major props to Breezango, The Ascension and all involved in these segments for their continued great work.

Now, anyone else feel like getting a cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie?

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