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Ric Flair is awake and cutting promos on nurses from his hospital bed

NASCAR Sprint Media Tour Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images

By all accounts, Ric Flair has a long, tough road ahead of him. The WWE Hall of Famer’s been in the hospital since last Saturday and had surgery on Monday. Beyond the fact he’s dealing with multiple health issues, we don’t know much - details have kind of been all over the place regarding what exactly is wrong, and his family has been quiet outside a few statements on social media.

A series of tweets from his manager Melinda Morris Zanoni doesn’t change any of that. She cautions that there have been complications and the 68 year old Nature Boy needs rest, and continued prayers and well-wishes.

But Zanoni also brings news that Flair is awake and communicating - and even cut a promo on a nurse yesterday (Friday, Aug. 18):

Naitch gonna Naitch. And Thank God, or whatever you ascribe the time we get to enjoy one another on this Earth to, for that.

Now give us a cautiously optimistic WOOOO!

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