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WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III results, live streaming match coverage: Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre, Asuka vs. Ember Moon, more!

WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III is all set to pop off tonight (Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017) at 8 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show kicks off SummerSlam weekend for WWE from New York’s Barclays Center, and it's offering up a pretty stacked card.

The NXT title will be defended by a man who thinks he represents the brand, Bobby Roode, against someone who’s using a second chance to take it back for the fans, Drew McIntyre. Women’s champion Asuka’s record-setting reign will be challenged by Ember Moon, the only person who’s shaken the Empress. And the seemingly unstoppable tag champs Authors of Pain may have met their match in the unstable SAnitY.

In non-title action, Hideo Itami has been on the warpath, but he may have made a big mistake in crossing Aleister Black. And Johnny Gargano is looking to establish himself as a singles wrestler, but Zelina Vega has his opponent, Andrade “Cien” Almas, looking like a new man himself.

While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as a preview of the entire card!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!



Andrade “Cien” Almas def. Johnny Gargano

SAnitY (Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) def. Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar)

Aleister Black def. Hideo Itami

Asuka def. Ember Moon

Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Roode


The telephone is ringing; you got me on the run. I'm driving in my car now, anticipating fun. I'm driving right up to you babe; I guess that you couldn't see, yeah yeah. But you were under my wheels; why don't you let me be? 'Cause when you call me on the telephone saying take me to the show and then I say how about I just liveblog it for you instead?

The pre-show kicks off with Charly Caruso welcoming us to the show and introducing the panel joining her, consisting of Corey Graves, Sam Roberts, and Lita. They talk up the excitement level of the weekend en route to shilling for the WWE Network for those watching the pre-show on other platforms.

The panel runs through the card before discussing which matches they're most excited for. We toss backstage to Renee Young, where she'll be doing interviews throughout the evening, starting with Kurt Angle. Kurt is doing great and is glad to be at NXT for the first time. He's keeping the reason he's here close to his vest but he's looking forward to watching the show.

Angle quickly talks up Raw's half of SummerSlam and we toss back to the panel for video packages and discussion of the NXT Tag Team Championship match tonight. Big E joins the panel and reminisces about his time in NXT, including stealing the five count from King Kong Bundy before discussing his tag title defense at SummerSlam tomorrow and looping right back around to the NXT tag titles.

E gets himself stuck on the desk propping his feet up making like he's not going to leave, and Graves has to help him manually dislodge his legs one at a time. Backstage, Renee interviews Shinsuke Nakamura, who is wearing a Canadian tuxedo. He loves the NXT vibes and feels like he's home. He's calm and ready for his WWE Championship match tomorrow, but tonight he's pulling for Drew McIntyre.

Neville joins the panel but he's, uh, he's not happy to be here. He's been counting the hours to his rematch and this is Christmas Eve for the King of the Cruiserweights. He puts NXT over for being an important part of his story before admitting that he resents it because he wasn't rewarded with the opportunities he expected when he hit the main roster.

This segues to discussion of Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami, neither of whom Neville feels attachment for but he's looking forward to the match. He talks a little bit about wrestling Black at the WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament and says Itami would be well served to use the same strategy he did.

The topic shifts to Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas, the King after some prodding telling Gargano not to trust anyone. Ember Moon is shown walking backstage with her family momentarily before the camera cuts to Asuka also making her way backstage.

A video package for their match follows and the panel has undergone significant turnoever, with Carmella and Sasha Banks joining a returning Lita at Charly's side. They reminisce about Sasha's time in NXT and talk about how far the women's division has come before returning their focus to tonight's NXT Women's Championship match.

Mae Young Classic hype follows before we toss to Renee Young backstage with Becky Lynch and Bayley. Becky talks about how amazing it feels to be back in Brooklyn and Bayley says she's obsessed with NXT and goes to the PC when she can but the venue is special to her indeed. As for her arm, she's had three sessions of physical therapy here in Brooklyn but she's getting good motion in it and they'll have a better timeframe within a month or so.

Lynch gets behind Ember Moon but Bayley is reticent to pick against the woman that sent her packing from NXT, which leads Becky to bet a protein bar on the outcome of the match.

The panel returns to their original configuration and more shilling for the WWE Network follows, before they run through the card once again. A video package for the NXT Championship match follows, and Baron "No Briefcase" Corbin joins the panel for discussion of the match. They discuss his recent misfortune and his time in NXT before moving on to his SummerSlam match against John Cena and bringing it back around to McIntyre and Roode to close out the pre-show.

The show proper kicks off with a musical performance from Code Orange.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Johnny Gargano

Circling, collar and elbow, Almas goes behind with a waistlock, Johnny reverses and we have a quick stalemate. Andrade gets an arm wringer to a wristlock, Gargano reverses to a hammerlock and takes him to the mat but Cien reverses to a headscissors. Johnny Wrestling bridges out, to their feet, Almas with a side headlock and Johnny shoots him off only to eat the shoulder block.

Drop down, leapfrog, Gargano snaps off a Frankensteiner into an arm drag and then a wheelbarrow into a crucifix pin that gets one and he shifts to a front chancery on the kickout, Johnny Grappling in full effect! Gator roll, standing up into a hammerlock but Andrade lands an elbow and resumes control momentarily.

Chop for chop, Gargano puts Almas in the corner and lights him up, arm wringer, whip reversed, hard in the corner, inverted facelock neckbreaker into an inverted facelock elbow drop for El Idolo. Big overhand chop in the corner, off the ropes to a back elbow, sliding dropkick to the head gets two and Johnny's on the back foot.

Drawing Gargano up as he throws desperate punches, in the ropes, Almas gets the cross armbar hung up in them! A followup cover gets a nearfall and Cien smells blood in the water, going after the arm with a kneeling armbar. Johnny fights to his feet, punches, escape via an arm drag, drop toehold into the turnbuckles but he can't quite put the next move together before Cien cuts him off.

Suplex dodged, both men off the ropes thinking lariat and they crumple into a heap on the mat! Back to their feet,trading punches, Gargano pulling ahead but Almas very much still in it as they shift to lariats. Off the ropes, forearms into the roll-throw basement enzuigiri and Johnny Wrestling is fired up!

Up and over on a charge... SUPERMAN SPEAR! NO GOOD! Looking for a suplex, Andrade floats over, O'Connor roll denied, Johnny puts him in the ropes and clips him with a kick before following up with the suicide dive! Back in, the slingshot DDT connects for a tight nearfall! Scooping him up for the Lawn Dart, denied, a back suplex floated out of, to the apron, another Superman Spear but Almas catches it into a elbow smash DDT!

Tornado inverted DDT follows... NOT ENOUGH! Gargano out of it as Cien draws him up and sets him up top, overhand chop, climbing up after him, thinking superplex but Johnny blocks. Struggle in the corner, Almas staggered as Gargano considers his options, sunset flip but Andrade flips out of it and lands a corkscrew back elbow!

He runs into an enzuigiri but has the wherewithal to hip toss Johnny into the turnbuckles! Corner knees dodged, off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl into Gargano Escape! Almas crawling for the ropes, Gargano rolls him back in the middle, Andrade rolls him away, one-arm deadlift powerbomb into the turnbuckles! The corner knees connect... JOHNNY GARGANO LIVES!

Zelina Vega barking instructions from ringside, Almas grabs a wrist and knees Johnny Wrestling in the bicep repeatedly! Arm wringer, Gargano slips out, superkick, another one, he scoops him up... LAWN DART! Back roll, Johnny's fired up and the crowd is with him... Vega throws a t-shirt at him! Almas capitalizes with a dropkick...

Andrade "Cien" Almas wins by pinfall with the snap hammerlock DDT.

Vega and Almas celebrate up the ramp as Johnny recovers in the ring.

Kurt Angle, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Daniel Bryan are shown hanging out in a skybox. Gotta be a hell of a party.

We're told TakeOver is trending and Corey Graves is introduced as a guest commentator for the the tag title match.

Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) (c) vs. SAnitY (Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain Eric Young) (NXT Tag Team Championship)

Authors in hot before the bell, beating Wolfe and Dain down! Brawling outside, SAnitY turning the tide as Eric Young sets a table up and directs traffic. The bell rings before anybody can go through the table, with Alexander and Akam legal. Biel sets up a tag to Rezar, throwing kicks, another quick tag into repeated knee lifts.

Wolfe crawling for the tag, Akam punches him in the face and whips him into the corner but the charging shoulder block gets sidestepped and Eric Young hops up on the apron, instructing Killian Dain to step aside. EY tags in, dropkick, big right, to the outside where a lariat dumps him into the crowd.

Young fighting an Author deep into the crowd, he gets sent into the barricade but Akam goes hard into the internal barricade before they return. Blind tag from Rezar, a Dominator connects and he's fired up but the cover is only good for two. Akam back in but EY is throwing hands trying to extricate himself only to get caught with a diving stomp / side slam combo.

Raining hard elbows, Rezar tags back in and they keep targeting Eric's head before locking on a neat arm triangle on the mat. EY fights out but gets caught in a kneeling arm triangle this time, flagging but not failing, fighting himself back into it, throwing elbows but he gets rammed into the corner, whip across, Flair Flip, sliding back in but Rezar drags him up into a delayed chokebomb!

Eric dodges an elbow drop, dragging himself up in the corner, he sidesteps a body avalanche and EY gets the tag! Wolfe in hot, booting Akam off the apron, charging elbows laying Rezar out, a Mafia kick, targeting the Author, exploder suplex, a German for Akam after a bit of a struggle and the Axeman is fired up!

Climbing the turnbuckles, diving lariat connects but Akam breaks the pin! They dump EY out, tag made but Alexander is fighting tooth and nail. Powerbomb / neckbreaker connects... NOT ENOUGH! Setting him up for an avalanche powerbomb... WOLFE COUNTERS WITH THE FRANKENSTEINER! Eric Young back in, jumping neckbreaker for Rezar, he climbs up top but gets cut off.

Rezar punching him in the face and climbing to meet him, looking for a superplex, blocked, Akam thinking tower of doom but Nikki Cross grabs her leader's legs and Akam powerbombs Rezar! EY takes flight, diving elbow drop... AKAM MAKES THE SAVE! Off the ropes, suicide dive connects, Wolfe throws a sideways tope con giro to follow! Nikki gets in the ring and takes her jacket off but Paul Ellering gets in the ring.

The referee separates them as they try to get at each other, Cross sidesteps the whole deal... DIVING CROSSBODY ON AKAM! DAIN HITS THE FREIGHT TRAIN CROSSBODY AND PUTS BOTH OF THEM THROUGH THE TABLE! Wolfe tags in...

SAnitY win by pinfall with a neckbreaker / back suplex combo, winning the NXT Tag Team Championship.

SAnitY celebrate with the tag titles... BOBBY FISH AND KYLE O'REILLY HIT THE RING AND BEAT THEM DOWN! Tandem kicks cut Wolfe down! They put an Author into the ringpost! CHASING THE DRAGON ON ERIC YOUNG!

reDRagon collect the tag titles and hold them over the fallen champions before taking their leave.

Neville is shown hanging out in the crowd, not any happier than he was on the pre-show panel. Shinsuke Nakamura and Kalisto, however, are rather more into it in their section of the audience.

Jim Ross joins the commentary booth for our next match.

Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

Hot and jawing at each other before the bell, referee Drake Wuertz having a hell of a time separating them and they're right in with stereo kicks at the jump! Landing and ducking, forehead to forehead, they get into a shoving match and Black knocks Itami down with a kick, sending him outside.

The springboard feint to the crossleg seat on the mat, another kick and Hideo backs off a bit. Trapping the arm on a strike, rushing a few in, big knee trembler, shove in the corner and repeated boots keep Itami backed off. In the next corner he gets some elbows off but another boot knocks him back, whip across, up and over, trading forearms, Itami sidesteps and gets a kick off.

Suplex into the ropes, kick to the jaw, Itami starting to put it together with a diving knee drop to the back of Aleister's neck! Grounded punches, Hideo demands respect, whip to a back elbow gets a one count and he settles in with a neck crank for a minute. Out, whip reversed, Itami lands a knee and Spinal Tap, throwing a few in a row and asking the crowd if they want more each time.

Reverse chinlock applied, wrenching it in and maneuvering Black around the mat. Forearm to the back, knees to the face, Aleister busted open and bleeding from the nose as Hideo lands the disdainful back kick and takes a seat on the mat to mock him. Black throwing forearms, Itami rolls him around into a DDT for a nearfall!

Back to the reverse chinlock, pushing back on it and wrenching as Aleister fights to his feet. Shoulder armbreaker for the escape, evading a charge, landing roundhouse kicks to the chest, wristlock strike rush and a wicked leg sweep into a sliding knee to the side of the head! Whip across, the quebrada a little short but still clipping Itami solid with his legs... NO GOOD!

Itami fighting back, into the turnbuckles, the tornado DDT over the ropes connects, a diving lariat follows for a two count! Front chancery applied, leg hooked, fisherman suplex, again just a nearfall! Slap rush, spinning backfist and Black stumbles back in the corner but has the wherewithal for a wheelbarrow into a victory roll pin for a nearfall!

Flash roundhouse kick right to the side of his head, Aleister climbs for the Owari Death Stomp but Hideo cuts him off and meets him. Struggle in the turnbuckles, Itami knocked to the mat with elbows but right back up with a kick, drawing him up... AVALANCHE FALCON ARROW! NOT ENOUGH! Looking to follow it up but Black pops up in his face!

Slugging it out with forearms and then kicks, slaps, just throwing away, Itami ducks aroundhouse and lands the backfist again! Off the ropes but he runs into a knee lift, countering a suplex into another Falcon Arrow for a nearfall! HESITATION DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Hideo takes the knee pad down and calls for the Go 2 Sleep!

Fireman's carry, Aleister out with elbows and Itami throws a knee and demands respect again. Black to his feet, he ducks a lariat and swings around...

Aleister Black wins by pinfall with Black Mass.

Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks are shown at ringside.

Asuka is shadowboxing backstage ahead of her title match, while Ember Moon is all business, hood low and striding determined towards the ring.

Asuka (c) vs. Ember Moon (NXT Women's Championship)

Ember right in with a jumping kick to the lay the champion out! Basement dropkick follows and barely gets one! Asuka throwing a kick, it's caught and Moon lands a straight suplex but the champion bails. Suicide dive blocked and a rolling solebutt gets Asuka back in for a moment. Ember lands a kick from the apron and climbs to the second for a cannonball!

In and out, minding the count, Asuka puts Moon shoulder-first into the steel steps to buy her some time. Body blows and a kick follow... HAMMERLOCK SUPLEX ON THE RAMP! Back in the ring, the champion targeting the arm with kicks before settling in with a wristlock, wrenching and dropping an elbow before barring it and manipulating the wrist.

Kind of an inverted chickenwing into some Jim Breaks Special type manipulation as Ember struggles, shifting to a hammerlock, adding a chinlock but Moon is able to slip out, thinking arm drag, denied,Asuka back to the hammerlock with an STO this time! Standing surfboard with stomps to the back, Ember back to her feet, World of Sport escape gets a kick to the gut and the octopus hold is on!

Stepover armbreaker into a seated armbar, Asuka enjoying herself but Moon deadlifts her up and drops her down with a cradle electric chair drop! Repeated elbows, the arm is weak and she shifts to kicks, laying the champion out with an enzuigiri for a nearfall! Charging in, Asuka catches her with a German suplex that puts her head through the bottom turnbuckle!

Wristlock, drawing her up, shoulder armbreaker into the Asuka Lock! She doesn't have all of it and tries on the other side but again Ember denies her and locks a crossface chickenwing of her own in! The champion escapes with repeated shoulder armbreakers and goes back to the Asuka Lock, hopping on her back with the bodyscissors, the hooks are in!

Moon still on her feet but flagging, using her last reserves to put her back into the mat! Another Asuka Lock, rolled back into a pin... NO GOOD! A sliding elbow from the good arm follows but Asuka is to her feet first and fired up! Duck a lariat, the hip attack lands... only two! Another hip attack countered with an elbow, boot up on the charge, Ember hooks her, tornado suplex off the second... NOPE!

Trading forearms, Moon fires off half nelson knees and a knee trembler wipes Asuka out! To her feet, putting a strike rush together, Ember charges in only to get caught with a knee! Wristlock kicks to the face, Moon slips out, back suplex lift dropped into a side slam, only a nearfall!

Ember climbing, the champion cuts her off and pops up to the second to meet her, thinking about a superplex, blocked, Moon going for a powerbomb, denied, so she kicks Asuka's leg out from under her and hits the Tree of Woe double stomp, only a nearfall! Up top, Eclipse... ASUKA LIVES?!

Up top again, Asuka pulling the referee in the way, Moon with a diving crossbody, the champion rolls through into a pin with a handful of tights but he sees it and waves the pin off! Ember lands a superkick... STILL NO GOOD! Drawing her up, it was a mistake because Asuka snaps the cross armbar off! Countered into a rollup but the champion grabs the Asuka Lock!

Moon fighting for her life, rolling every which way...

Asuka wins by submission with the Asuka Lock, retaining the NXT Women's Championship.

Asuka clutches the title to her chest as she has her hand raised in victory, clearly staggered by the effort it took her to retain.

After the champion takes her leave, Ember draws herself up and takes in the appreciation of the crowd on her way out.

Kevin Owens is shown at ringside, and Samoa Joe as well in another section of the crowd.

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (NXT Championship)

Squaring up face to face, they back off, collar and elbow and McIntyre shoves Roode right back in the corner, breaking clean and inviting him to step away. Bobby ducks a lariat, throws a chop, and Drew biels him to the corner for his trouble. Champ with a side headlock, he's shot off and bowled over with a shoulder block and goes outside for a breather.

McIntyre happy to let him take his time and come back on his own terms. Back in, Roode cautious and dodging, he gets thrown in the corner but is able to turn it around and throw a bunch of chops. Up and over, Bobby almost gets the Glorious DDT in the struggle but Drew slips out and stares on as the champion poses and taunts, reminding him this is his NXT.

Trading arm wringers, Roode fires a punch off and lays more chops in, whip reversed but a dropkick wipes the champion out! Tossing him in the corner, more chops, a body slam and the action spills outside, where the challenger press slams Roode face-first into the barricade. Floating out of a scoop slam onto the apron, Bobby tries a splash but gets caught!

He's able to slip away but walks into a back elbow. Another in return, but Roode runs into a tilt-a-whirl slam into the apron! Throwing the champ back inside, climbing, Bobby tries to cut him off and fails, a suplex to the outside countered with a knee and he gets a swinging neckbreaker in the ropes that jacks Drew right to the floor.

A crooked blockbuster off the apron follows as Roode employs his usual strategy of attacking the first weakness that presents itself, in this case the neck. Head-first into the barricade, breaking the count, elbow to the throat, back inside, chops and punches in the corner, corner lariat into another neckbreaker, but it's only good for a two count.

Choking McIntyre over the ropes and clawing at his face, putting boots to him and weaving around the referee's count, but Drew fires body blows and a chop to get back into it. Whip reversed, he takes the turnbuckles hard and Roode climbs the ropes for a missile dropkick for two more. Wrist-clutch reverse chinlock applied, using McIntyre's own arm to sink the hold in deeper but the Scotsman fights to his feet and jams the champion in the corner.

Bobby with a sleeper but Drew hosses himself right back up and puts him into the corner to force a break. Kick out of the corner, the champion hits the ropes but gets caught with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and both men are spent, down and out on the mat. GALLON THROW INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Charging corner strikes, McIntyre climbs and drops Roode with a diving lariat!

Fireman's carry denied at Roode throws punches, Manhattan Drop followed by a knee to the face, off the ropes but Drew catches him, hosses him up... AIR RAID CRASH! Only a nearfall, the champion seeks refuge on the apron and finds it, snapping his challenger's neck over the top rope!

Roode up top, Drew cuts him off and climbs to meet him, but his attempt at a superplex is denied with right hands. He charges in for another try but the champion crotches him and throws a punch that knocks McIntyre right to the mat in the Tree of Woe... SPIDER BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!

Drew is fired up, stomping, calling for the Claymore but Bobby is out on the mat. McIntyre gets the referee to check and of course he was playing possum, getting a nearfall off a jackknife pin. Future Shock reversed into a lungblower, another nearfall! Charging chop into chops and punches, the referee having to manually force Roode to break.

Charging lariat into a neckbreaker, Drew reverses to a backslide... NO GOOD! FUTURE SHOCK CONNECTS! NOT ENOUGH! To his feet, pulling the champion up, fireman's carry, climbing the turnbuckles, shifting but Roode flips down and hits a powerbomb... NOPE! Again, both men out on the mat, gaining their bearings and crawling to their knees.

Slugging it out punch for punch, forearm for forearm, to their feet, adding kicks and chops to the equation, McIntyre clubbing away but Bobby lands an enzuigiri to knock him back in the corner. CLAYMORE! ROODE GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! The champion rolls outside and the referee physically pulls Drew away for some reason.

Roode struggling to his feet, Drew gives a war cry... DREW MCINTYRE TOPE CON GIRO?! Back in the ring, McIntyre to his feet, fired up, lying in wait... ROODE CATCHES HIM WITH THE SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! Glorious DDT denied, Drew gets a rana pin for a nearfall, tilt-a-whirl, Glorious DDT... DREW MCINTYRE LIVES!

The champion fired up, trying to figure out what to do next, he hits another Glorious DDT and holds on but McIntyre clobbers him with a headbutt! CLAYMORE! IT'S OVER!

Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with Claymore, winning the NXT Championship three years and eleven days after he won the Evolve Championship.

Drew celebrates his victory with the title in the middle of the ring.


Cole holds the title over McIntyre's fallen body before standing tall with reDRagon.

That's the show, folks.

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