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Newly discovered Southpaw Regional Wrestling tapes take us back to 1986

When WWE first unearthed footage from the defunct territory Southpaw Regional Wrestling (SRW), the tapes took us back to when the promotion was working toward their ill-thought-out-and-eventually-catastrophic Lethal Leap Year event (you can catch up on that first batch of episodes here).

Well, someone’s found another tape, and this one takes us further into the history of the company that gave us Lance Catamaran, Chet Chetterfield, Clint Bobski, Mr. Macklemore and others. Hell, Chad 2 Badd and Tex Ferguson haven’t even split up yet. Here, they’re getting ready for a showdown with The Butchers (because no one could afford The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, apparently. Or directions to Shreveport) at 1986’s Showdown at the Swamp.

It’s a lot of footage this time out - all six episodes are in the above playlist - but it’s time well spent, if just to marvel at how Dolph Ziggler’s 80s gimmick is the same as his 21st century one. And that Daniel Bryan is wrestling himself in ‘86 under the stipulation John Cena and Rusev just used in 2017.

Seriously, if you aren’t hooked from the G.L.O.W.-style opening rap, I don’t know what to tell you. If you don’t keep watching, you won’t know how many cheeses the (possibly) future Mrs. Susan Chetterfield uses in her omelettes!

Do It For Dewey.

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