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John Cena rises above the FU; Baron Corbin’s not buying it

John Cena’s come a long way. For the most part, the 16 time World champ is a respected elder statesman in WWE. Even when half the arena chants “Cena Sucks”, it’s down with love, at least for most people.

There are some who still hold a grudge. Take this young lady from the Aug. 15 SmackDown in Providence, Rhode Island, for instance. She’s probably a Wade Barrett (or Damien Sandow, or Baron Corbin) fan...

Cena’s got a good response ready there. It’s a step up from the “cheer me or boo me, your passion drive me” schtick he used to lay on us 5 - 10 years ago when people treated him like he was Roman Reigns or something.

It just shows how far he’s come. His Attitude Adjustment used to be called The F-U, and his STF was the STF-U, although a lot of people still curse when they see him slap that hold on somebody. But I digress...

Now, he’s rising above.

UPDATE: Baron Corbin, understandably still upset about his failed cash-in, is not buying it...

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