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Bayley is ‘not really sure how long’ she’ll be out with shoulder injury

Other than in-story updates early last week, we haven’t heard much from former Raw Women’s champion Bayley since it was revealed a shoulder injury would cause her to miss SummerSlam, and a planned chance to reclaim her title from Alexa Bliss.

During an appearance for WWE’s anti-bullying Be A STAR campaign yesterday in New York, the Hugster gave some details to the assembled media (including PWInsider) about the injury, how her recovery is going, and the timetable for her return:

“I just started physical therapy. So, for right now, I've never had an inuury before that's kept me out before, so I'm kind of taking it day to day. I'm not really sure how long. If it's a couple of months or if it's a few months or what's it going to be right now. But, it's separated, it's a grade-two separation. It's like the AC joint and the ligaments and all that stuff, so it's not easy.

Just within the past couple of weeks, I think it's been two weeks now, I've actually been able to move it a little bit and the swelling has gone down a lot. So, the motion is coming back a little bit more, but it's more about getting the strength and being able to lift my arm in front of me. Like I can't do my own hair and it's really hard to do certain things, but I'm just trying to get back as soon as possible, but at a safe pace as well.”

The first part doesn’t sound great, but that the medical team hasn’t deemed it bad enough to warrant surgery which could put Bayley on the shelf for the better part of a year (a la Finn Bálor), is promising.

And I’m all for the second part’s “get back as soon but as safely as possible” sentiment.


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